what I do - when I work with somebody 

in theory

the deeper sense

with a touch

feel and learn
connect your body and understand what you see.

let your hands do it...
It happens and you lose control and that's good.

everything flows together

a picture of you for you.

art is created.

We'll get to know each other - find common ground - then you'll do something and I'll tell you what I see. It goes on like this - you say and do and I describe what I see. We try to find a solution...You display - you present - you touch and you are touched.

Karma Art is a practical and creative way to learn from destiny.
The energy released through the destiny work will flow through personal projects anew.
The aim is to regard one's own life as an art, as part of a world-wide work of art.

Seeing life as a work of art. The aim of destiny work is to release forces blocked by old patterns, which are needed for personal development, specific projects or individual creativity.
There are stages on the Destiny Work path, each with specific exercises and goals. They make it possible to maintain a healthy and beneficial perspective at all times during the process of self-inquiry and to stay connected to everyday life.

to resolve emotional blockages, patterns and conflicts
in the case of conflicts within the family, or conflicts within your partnership
for stress reduction and burnout prevention
in grief and spiritual crises
in emotional healing processes
to activate the self-healing powers in the case of psychosomatic symptoms
to boost self-confidence
recognizing and expressing differentiation needs
to find inner peace, to get to point zero
to increase self-awareness
develop new perspectives
to rediscover or rediscover resources
get a new drive
To bring balance to the universal aspects of being: to find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance